Why should I wash my car in the winter?

We hear this question asked frequently and the simply answer is to protect your vehicle. The longer the muck of winter stays on your vehicle it can grow and cause irreversible damage. As mold and moss grow it’s “roots” can bite into your vehicles finish, moldings, glass and chrome. Many neglected vehicles window moldings have been deteriorated due to moss and mold. Gone too long and water will make it’s way into the interior causing more damage.
Deicer, brake dust and moisture make a great combination to attack your chrome wheels. Many falsely believe that chrome is unprotected by the elements (see the wheel article at our website- coming in January). Then there is the problem with a dirty car getting your clothes dirty. Imagine being late for an appointment, stepping out of your vehicle and the wind blows your outfit against the car. Now it’s not only wet but dirty. Weekly washing will can keep potential problems from happening, and don’t forget…..

“A Happy Car is a clean car…and it makes you look So Good”